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I never thought I'd actually go through with this. For some time, I've wanted to move accounts -- I've wanted to start anew. Every time I looked at this account, I simply despised everything about it. All of my old writing is, well, disgusting to me. I look at it, and I cringe

And so, I've finally decided.

Recently, I've found a new found urge to write. I thought I was done - but apparently, I'm not. Whilst I am still under a lot of pressure to complete college assignments, look for jobs, etc, I find pleasure in writing again. I have a tendency to step away from writing for long periods of time, and then return to them. Whenever I returned, I always lost the will to write after looking at some of my old stuff. 

My new account is, well, better - I hope. It doesn't have anything up yet, but I hope to add many new things to it. I've been meaning to write a Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader after recently watching the new Captain America: Civil War. That movie was bloody brilliant. 
The new account will one day have a wide range of things - I tend to have sparks of spontaneous inspiration, in which I find myself writing for a variety of different characters.
Additionally, you'll also be able to request things - but there's no promise they'll ever be done. It's more of a 'perhaps one day I'll find an idea, and then I'll write'. 
No commissions, probably. I like to just write for writings sake, if that makes sense. 

Also the favourites is probably a mess because I use that account to stalk art and hoard collections of my favourite characters. Don't judge.

Please, do not feel obligated to watch the new account. If you don't want to, you don't have to. There's no worries. It was wonderful simply having you here, and we had a good run. I wish you all the best.

Additionally, I'm not posting my account name everywhere. I want to start anew, like I said.
If you truly, without a doubt, want to find my new account - please note me. 

It has been a good run. This account has brought me a lot of happiness over the years, but, it's time. Time to move on.

Oh! And, I'm also deleting some things over here that I might be moving over to my new account. So, don't fret if something is gone!


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